Atlantic Sapphire As

Atlantic Sapphire AS is a company with the purpose of farming Atlantic Salmon in landbased recirculating systems in the US. The consumption of farmed Atlantic Salmon in the US is approximately 200 000 metric tonnes per year, while the domestic production is around 20 000 metric tonnes. The rest is imported from Canada, Chile and Europe. The project will increase the self-sufficiency of Atlantic Salmon in the US, reduce the dependency on air-borne imports and thus lowering the carbon footprint.

Contrary to conventional farming of Atlantic Salmon in net-pens in the oceans, the landbased alternative will have no need for treatment against salmon-lice, the exposure to diseases and hence the need for treatment will be strongly reduced. There will be no risk of escapees, and thus no interaction with wild stocks of Atlantic Salmon.

The people behind the project have long experience in production and sales of farmed Atlantic Salmon, as well as several years of experience with recirculating systems. In addition, experts from a wide range of fields are involved in making the project a reality.

The company has an investment in Langsand Laks AS in Denmark, being the first in the world farming Atlantic Salmon in landbased recirculating aquaculture systems on a commercial scale.

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